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Is your Xiaomi Poco smartphone stuck on MIUI screen after reboot? Are you facing problems with your Redmi smartphone stuck in boot loop? Trust me, you are not alone! As I write this article, numerous reports are pouring in on Twitter that a range of /Poco Mi/Redmi smartphones are experiencing similar issues. I faced the same issue on my 6 month old Poco M2 and only managed to fix a few issues. Read on to find out how. are in hours

Update: We received a call from our friends at Poco India and they assured us that they are working on a fix.

PocoBot Loop Problem: Symptoms

Let’s start with what actually happens before the phone goes into the bootloop screen. my

Case in point, the Poco M2 slowed to a crawl and wasn’t responding ‘fast enough’ to my inputs. As always, I thought a simple reboot would fix the problem. As I would later find out, it didn’t. Instead, the phone never completed the reboot process and remained stuck on the MIUI splash screen for hours. Me on Twitter

Went and immediately reported the problem.

The main reason was that I faced the same issue on my Mi10i a few months back. However, in the case of the Mi 10i, it was ‘only’ a case of the reboot process taking an extremely long time (~10 minutes) to complete. And because of that, the phone finally managed to work normally (despite a lot of bugs). I had no such luck with the Poco M2, and it remained stuck on the MIUI screen for hours.

Steps I tried to fix the problem

Since it was clearly a bootloop issue, I tried booting the phone to recovery (power + volume up) mode and restarting it from there. nothing changed. I then downloaded Mi PC Suite to try connecting the phone to my computer in fastboot (power + volume down) mode. That didn’t work either. I was going to go to the last resort of wiping the phone from within recovery mode – but stopped myself from doing so because the phone still had some data on it.

How to fix poco bot loop problem?

The solution to this problem was told to me by my Twitter friend Mahip Maurya who also happens to be a software engineer/coder. Someone in his family had experienced the same issue on their phone, and he identified that the issue was, in fact, caused by a bug in Poco Launcher. Here is what Mahip suggested I did which solved the problem for me.

Make sure the phone has an active SIM card installed in the bootloop.

●If not, insert the SIM card into the phone and restart it. Wait a few minutes after entering the MIUI screen.

●Take another phone and call the phone stuck in bootloop.

●The screen will light up!

●Now you can unlock the phone (if it was locked) and then access the menu.

●In my case, I wasn’t able to open the app drawer because the launcher got kinked and couldn’t access the Google Play Store.

Instead, I used Xiaomi’s own app store and installed another launcher from there.

●After installation, I made this launcher my default launcher and rebooted the phone again.

●And that’s it! My Poco M2 is working fine now

●As it turns out, the ‘boot loop’ issue on the Poco M2 wasn’t a boot loop issue after all. Poco

A bug with the launcher prevented the phone from going beyond the MIUI splash screen after a reboot. So, what happened was that the phone was already running (and therefore, the phone could accept calls). Since the phone app was activated after making a call, I was able to access other UI elements that aren’t tied to Poco Launcher and successfully get my phone back up and running.

Note that this is a workaround for this specific issue and will not work on devices that are actually stuck on a bootloop. We don’t have any articles for these issues yet. Anyways, let us know if you did it using the steps above.Have managed to solve the problem.

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