How to Cancel Auto Recurring Subscription in Google Play Store? Step-By-Step Guide

An in-depth guide on how to manage and cancel auto-recurring subscriptions in the Google Play Store

Nowadays, it is common to find people with more than one subscription service active at a time. In fact, with all the gaming, music, streaming and even different food apps out there, it’s almost impossible to track and control your monthly paid subscriptions.

If you’re signed up for any of these services using an Android device, there’s a good chance they’re billed to your Google Play account, canceling your recurring subscriptions. It becomes very easy to do.

That said, here’s a step-by-step guide that simplifies the process of managing and canceling an auto-recurring subscription in the Google Play Store:

Using the Google Play Store

●Open the Google Play Store and then tap on your profile icon/picture in the top right corner.

●In the new menu that opens, tap Payments and subscriptions.

●Tap Subscriptions under Payments and subscriptions, then select the subscription you want to cancel or manage.

●Once its settings page opens, tap on Cancel Subscription.

Using Google Settings

●Go to Settings and then scroll down to tap on Google Services and Preferences (also known as Google Settings).

●By tapping on it you can see your main account. If you don’t, tap the small drop-down arrow and select an account with an active subscription.

●Now, tap on Manage your Google Account button do.

●You will need to scroll through the Welcome with Home Page tab by swiping from left to right until you reach the Payments and Subscriptions tab.

☆Scroll down to the Payments and Subscriptions tab until you manage subscriptions.

●You’ll be greeted with a Home Page tab that needs to be scrolled by swiping from left to right until you reach the Payments and Subscriptions tab.

●Tapping on it takes you to the Manage Subscriptions page, where you want to be.

We also recommend canceling free trials immediately because even after canceling your subscription, you still have access to all its content until the end of the current billing month Will be.

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